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History and philosophy of our brand
Foundation Coffee Roasters company began its journey in Odesa in 2015. It was established by the people who already possessed outstanding experience in coffee production by working in various coffee-making companies and by exploring the industry overseas. They nurtured a dream and inspiration to produce high-quality coffee for Ukrainian and European markets, restaurants and coffee places.

The company's success is rooted in 6 different values that are upheld by the founders and the team: quality, professionalism, team-work, our client and their needs and wishes.

They year of 2020 has tested our sense of responsibility. We put our utmost efforts in the following directions:
1. Sustainability as the new value to be kept at every step. We turned our focus to recycable and self-degradable materials. Such experience is being gradually implemented into every aspect of manufacturing process.
2. Having relied on quality at all times, we learnt to pair it up with efficiency. Efficiency is our rightfully attained value, the lack of which would never let us get to where we are.

People are the main and greatest resource of Foundation Coffee Roasters. It's the people that add the value to our brand.

Foundation Coffee Roasters' employee is a person of great dedication that upholds our values through their professional growth and enthusiasm.

Each of our team members is highly motivated to cultivate their professional skills and personal competence. As professionalism is among the virtues of Foundation Coffee Roasters which guarantees the quality of the product and the services our clients receive..

Quality above all. Green beans, that are purchased from the best sellers, are roasted in the equipment made by the Dutch company Giesen. Each batch of coffee beans is supervised in accordance with internal standards of quality by our professional roasters and taster group before the packaging and labelling.

All the procedures, from producing to distributing, are directed at the quality of the end product and the total transparency with the consumer. At present Foundation Coffee Roasters consist of two enterprises that operate in accordance with HACCP in order to satisfy the needs of their partners and clients.

Foundation Coffee Roasters are oriented towards the needs of their partners and clients. We help you become the best on the market by offering the following range of services:

• Training by our company's experts;
• Technical support from our maintenance team;
• Consultation on setting up a new business;
• Individually produced blends by our professional roasters;
• Manufacturing services of the company for a private brand;
• Foundation Education platform;
• User-friendly mobile app.
Range of products
Our loving relationship with coffee began a long time ago. We tasted all sorts of coffee drinks all over the world, yet something always seemed to be missing. So we decided to try and brew our own perfect cup of coffee ourselves while maintaining the ultimate ratios. 10 years and tons of coffee beans past, we finally managed to establish the right kind of taste that we always sought.

No traces of the standard "bitter" taste!
We've learnt the ways to ensure that not a single sort of beans compensates the other but perfectly enhances the whole mix.

Foundation Coffee Roasters - there's love in each package!
Take your coffee by the handle!
Cobox is a
made thermos that contains 2 litres of liquid: coffee, cold brew, wine as well as any other beverage.
With a cardboard carcass, a termopack on the inside, and a sealed faucet, the cobox keeps the temperature of any liquid up to 2 hours.
Inspired by the idea of "the third wave coffee" we created a project named "High5" that consists purely of high-rated beans!

We pick out exclusively the best lots of the leading traders (whose ratings exceed 86 points).

By evolving and pushing for the best, we hope to be influencing the whole coffee market of Ukraine and possibly, the world.

High5 product line is constantly featured in national and world championships and takes their award-winning places.

High5 coffee is the pride of Foundation Coffee Roasters' brand.

It is convenient to take it with you: when you go for a stroll, on a trip, in a car, to the office, on a beach, etc. It is a great alternative to cup carriers - no one should ever spill their drink on the go!
Convenience and quantity: motivates the guests to buy one, one and a half or two litres of beverages;
Catering: provide your guests with thermoses that they can easily fill up with their favourite drinks - make your own work more simple;
Delivery: no need to worry about any spills when the courier's on the road;
Beach complexes: why serve the drink twice when you can do it once and let the guest decide how much they want to drink while lying under the beach umbrella;
Individuality: we can create a cobox with your own unique design;
Open up to innovations: this kind of thermoses has been around in the US for many years now. But in Ukraine - it's a whole new concept and our company was the first to start is off. Right now it's an unexplored niche with almost 20,000 establishments of HoReCa segment, countless offices and working spaces, catering and event-planning companies, and all of them are potential cobox users.
Price and ordering:
30 UAH per cobox (generally not paid by the guest), with a minimal order of only 1 item.
Our coboxes are a great solution for serving both cold and hot beverages - simple, convenient and safe!
All parts of the cobox are recyclable.
Drip it!
«Drip it» — are ready-to-use filter-packets of ground coffee from our High Five specialty-line. A week passes by full of different emotions - each day you have a unique choice of flavours. Each "Drip It" is marked by the day of the week so we have some room for associations. The box includes AR design - the first packaging in Ukraine featuring augmented reality in the coffee industry. It will let you dive into the atmosphere of "drip this week" and just in 10 seconds you will see your week as bright and lively as our Drip It can make it! The box is made of secondary raw materials that is prepared for another recycle process.
In 2019 we created our website that connected online coffee enthusiasts from all parts of Ukraine. It is not just an online coffee store, it is education, hobby, personal consulting from our experts, our social media life, pursuit of perfection and, of course, subscription for coffee!
Mobile app
Foundation Coffee Roasters — are right in your mobile phone!

We created a mobile app because it's all about efficiency and your own convenience:

• "Repeat the order in one click" - you no longer need to fill out the forms all over again;
• History of orders will help you every time you need to remember the name of your favourite sort of coffee;
• Convenient navigation and filter system;
• "Favourite" status for your special sorts;
• Accessible online payments with personalised track of unpaid balances;
• You will be the first to receive our updates though our push-notifications.
Capsules is the quality, simplicity, and efficiency.

It is the newest product of Foundation Coffee Roasters which proved to be in demand by our partners for many months. With these capsules any coffee - espresso, lungo or americano - can be made so fast and easy! You only need 30 seconds - it is easy, accessible and does not require any skills.

Our capsule line presents 5 types of coffee with 10 capsules in each box. It is important to note that the line includes three sorts of arabica beans that can be tasted only in capsules! And lastly the line includes our two ultimate favourites - Summer and Winter blends.

Capsule machines look fresh and creative - they will definitely become a great feature to an office, house or hotel suite!
Educational platform for our B2B partners and their employees. It is a quick training system for adaptation and development of qualification for our partners' personnel.

The training consists of video content and articles that are followed by a an examination of the trainees on their understanding of the material. The content is exclusively available to our partners.

We always cared for our partners' personnel and now it reached a whole new digital level!

Improve and educate yourselves with us for the common craft!
Foundation Education
Ambassador Tetyana Tarykina
An expert and an ambassador who has worked with coffee for 5 years.

Tetyana - vice champion of the world in Cezve brewing style (WCIC 2019). Two-time vice champion of Ukraine (Ukrainian CIC '17/18) and champion of Ukraine in Cezve brewing style (Ukrainian CIC '19). Finalist of the National Championship of Ukraine 'Brewers Cup' (Ukrainian BrC '19).

Judge of national championships of Ukraine and other countries.

Passed two international certifications: 'Sensory Intermediate' and 'Roasting Foundation'. In Foundation Coffee Roasters Tetyana specialises in promotion of High Five's brand, shares her experience with all of our partners, posts about our brewing recipes and the company in social media.
Ambassador Yulia
One of the first partners of our company that followed our long path of growth.

In 2020 she became an ambassador of Foundation coffee and is sharing her experience with our company for many years. Yulia's business consists of 2 beauty salons that offer spot-on service and the same level of quality is expected from her partners.

Genuine feedback and care for each step of our work is what we always value in Yulia. As our toughest yet fair partner, she is a great source of feedback and makes us only better.

All the new products are personally tested by Yulia in her beauty bars and are genuinely reviewed in her social media.
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